2013 with Claire Baker Interior Design

It has been another eventful year with more than a couple of big projects in the pipeline. I will have photos of all of these projects very soon for you all to see including one of my best work I have ever done to a house in The Vines. I have also been very successfully redesigning many peoples lighting plans at Beacon Malaga and had extremely happy customers from doing so, as lighting is in my opinion the second most important aspect of Interior Design next to Colour. I am able to offer wholesale prices to everyone who mentions Claire Baker Interior Design when they come in.

I have taken on some new wholesalers like Logan and Mason, Rapee, Private collection and Davinci to aid me in making it easier to finish off all your homes to a high standard and still keep the costs down. My dad and I have been making bedheads for those who only had ensemble beds and made some gorgeous bedrooms.
Facebook has still proven itself to be a great source of staying in touch with clients as well as make new ones. I will continue to blog on there and keep you all well informed of my projects and specials.
I hope to see more of you all in 2014 and help you make your homes even more beautiful.

Claire Baker

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