From a very early age Claire Baker showed the desire to be a designer. At the early age of 13 she enrolled to study fashion and design, it was from there she learned about textiles, patterns and her creativity was able to blossom. It wasn’t until her mid-20s that Claire knew that she belonged in Interior Design and that it was there her passion really laid.

As the years have gone by and the more experience Claire has gained the more knowledge of products, the array of different projects she has worked on, her passion has grown, to not only achieve only brilliant results for high end renovations and builds but to also achieve the best looks on smaller budgets. This way Claire is able to cater to projects big and small.

Claire now in her 30s has a greater understanding not only about the possibilities that are able to be achieved but also the constraints that could derail a large project, This enabling her to allow the client to not only get the best result but also have a seamless flow of work when renovating.

Claire is also an accredited lighting designer working with Beacon Lighting for the last three years. Lighting is one of the most important elements and can make or break a room. Claire not only has the knowledge on how to get the best look in glamourous pendants but also the right amount of illumination to fill a dark room making a home look stunning, no matter if its day or night.

Claire’s work in the paint industry in her early 20s, has made her eye for colour extremely sharp, allowing her to notice the blues in greys, the pinks in beiges and the greens in browns, this leaving no room for error when choosing the right colour for their project, allowing it to compliment the other items in the space. It is in this industry Claire learnt many tricks to make ceilings look higher and rooms look larger.

Services Include

  • Pre-start consultation
  • Presale of house consultation to help sell your home.
  • Colour coordination
  • Kitchen / Bathroom Design.
  • Discounted rates apply to people living in or around Inglewood, Western Australia.